The Badass Founders

Jannah Bowen

Born into a multinational family, Jannah grew up between two opposite lands – United States and Taiwan. Adventurous and wild blood flows through every vain in her body. From trekking 500 miles across Spain, to backpacking Southeast Asia, Jannah sees traveling as a way to challenge her mind and become a citizen of the world.

DeAnna English

Born in Washington, raised in Guam, and now living in Vegas, DeAnna grew up living the “standby life” – in short, catching any open plane seat she could get her hands on. Now, Dee values interviewing the ones who represent change – from entrepreneurs in Peru to descendants of the Fa’amatai in the Pacific.

Charlotte Blixen

Born in Denmark, Charlotte grew up into a family of spirited travellers in the mud and trees of the Danish countryside. With a passion for exploring and a need for always pushing her own limits, Charlotte booked a one-way ticket to New Delhi the first opportunity she got and set out on what would be the start of a life-changing journey.