Why Traveling Alone is Amazing

After my first time to South America, my eyes were opened wide to the world of long term traveling. I remember thinking spending 6 weeks in Colombia was a long time, shortly realizing more than half the people I met were traveling for long extended periods of time, some even for over a year. What I thought was a space limited to men and people that were older, I began meeting lots of solo girl travelers, one just turning 18 during her trip.

Even after meeting these girls, a million doubts came into my mind. Was I social enough to travel alone? Did I have the stamina to live out of a backpack for more than a couple of weeks? Would I have the street smarts? Would I be safe?

But before I knew it, I was 22, just finished college and bought a one way ticket to Ecuador. I…

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6 thoughts on “Why Traveling Alone is Amazing

  1. Ah! What I wouldn’t give to be your age again, full of confidence and get-up-and-go. I did all that stuff when I was younger, hitching all over Europe in the sixties (the rest of the world was in another sphere altogether, Europe was as far as we could think of travelling and even that was proscribed for many people), and the rest of the world as I grew older. Now I am much, much older, I travel alone because I have to but at my age certain criteria ave to be met which limits some places – good roads in case of accidents, hospitals ditto, communications and hospitable people who won’t frown at the site of an elderly woman with a backpack and think she’s easy game. (I’ve been at the receiving end and I know of what i speak)! Good luck with your travels, keep it up as long as you can and never have regrets.

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    1. It’s amazing to hear how time has changed the travel culture. We hope that women can gain more confidence in traveling alone safely. It’s badass to hear that you still solo travel around the world! That truly is inspiring – feel free to submit any short stories you’d like to share to our community! We’d love to hear of your adventures 💞


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