BFT(D): Back From The Dead

Camping in Utah

To all the BFT friends online and around the world.


We f***d up.

We dropped the BFT baby.

We hit the writer’s block.

We found our existential “crisis”.

…So what happened??

Badass Female Travelers was created to connect and share personal stories of – you guessed it – badass female travelers from around the world. Founded by college students, we wanted you guys to find a safe haven in us through our network of female travel stories. Not your average “5 tips of anything”, but… more than that. A connection of laughter, struggles, thoughts, and absolute love for travel.

By November, the three of us BFT folk who manage this website had hit “the wall of creativity”. Multiple jobs, graduating college, dangerous health scares, and the overwhelming thoughts of “what will you be when you grow up?” slammed us by the end of the year. It was everyday life that had overwhelmed us. And the underlying question resonated:

Why are we making this travel blog? What are we trying to get out of it?

It’s a question every one of you badass writers likely face while cranking out your tales. We ponder about the future of tomorrow’s stories – and who would be willing to share their badass tales. We question the quality of our own output. We wonder who will read it, enjoy it, share it with an even greater audience. But what is the purpose of the content we all want to share with the world?

After a few months of thinking, all three of us came together this month to answer this question. It came down to four reasons:

  1. We love you. Yes, we truly do. We enjoy and appreciate the stories you’ve shared with us and the trust you formed with BFT, whether you were the reader, writer… or just simply a Badass. Female. Traveler.
  2. We love the creativity that has emerged through this short story collection. It feels as though we’re Professor X from X-men; we can discover the whole world through jungle tales, city adventures, and more. But we believe that we’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg of womenkind’s absolute badsh*t crazy adventures.
  3. We love how unique BFT is. It is a unique group of people who have truly created a sense of community. Badass females from around the world have connected with each other through our community and built a badass family together.
  4. We love to change how the world views female traveling. This comes close to our hearts, as we have all been solo female travelers at one point (or will be one in the near future). We recognize the discrepancy between how the world views female traveling and the experiences we have had. We want to empower other women to be fearless adventures.

So here we are. We apologize for the unexpected silence. We’d like to start over once more. Unfortunately, we won’t be as active on our social media and will be posting once every other week. But this can change in the future as we grow and reach more people.

Thank you all for understanding and your support for this blog. We couldn’t have done it without you. Stay tuned. 🌀

Published by Badass Female Travelers

It's simple - we're females. We travel. And of course, we're badass. Discover the numinous accounts of women's journeys around the world.

4 thoughts on “BFT(D): Back From The Dead

  1. I’ve been following you guys for a while, and I just realised that I knew very little about the people behind the blog. Waking up to the fact that you are also college students facing the same overwhelming questions about lives and careers was something I didn’t expect but left me feeling a much better connection to the content you curate and share! Hope you’re all doing better, and I’m looking forward to the content that’s coming!

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