Solo female travel in Rio de Janeiro


Even though I don’t live in Rio de Janeiro anymore, I still love reading travel blogs from people who have passed through there. Safety is a common concern, especially for women. I was surprised to see some misguided advice from well-intentioned people who did not spend long in the city. For that reason, I decided to write about my experience.

Between 2014-2019, I spent about 2 years total in Brazil. During this time, I worked and volunteered at educational nonprofits in Rio. Once I got a teaching job in the U.S., I would travel back to Brazil during my school breaks and summer vacations.

So let’s get straight to the question: Is it solo female travel safe in Rio de Janeiro?

Yes, but you need to take caution.

When I was there, no one ever harmed me. The only time I was ever “robbed” was when I brought an empty…

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